“ I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


Experience the best of the sights, the sounds and the tastes the world has to offer. Experience travel and culture, dinning, music, fashion, sport and entertainment, front row and backstage. Experience natural beauty and showbiz glamour, ancient history and pure hedonism. Experience the extraordinary with Mansfield Global.

vip tickets to concerts

It is time you wake up the music aficionado in you. With VIP tickets to your favourite music festivals, we make sure you don’t just attend a music show, but you live it. You can groove to the tunes of rock and roll, or spend a quiet and thoughtful evening with your favourite pop icon or dance to some trendy EDM and the fun part is, what we provide doesn’t stop when the bass drops.

backstage access

With our services, we want you to enjoy a thorough and uninterrupted experience without compromising on anything. Exclusive backstage access for you when the curtains go down,  mind attending a meet and greet with your favourite Rock N Roll star? Our behind the scene music experiences are guaranteed to send you home on a very high note.

A star studded affair

Come, let us take you to the star studded glamorous world of cinema, television and drama – the World of Fantasy and Dreams. We promise to fulfil all wishes of the movie buff in you, be it attending some of the most reputed film festivals or a chance to attend the red carpet premiere of a blockbuster or your favourite award show.

a cinephilic vacation

Did we tell about cast photoshoots, yet? Just pack your bags and we will take care of the rest, providing you a cinephilic vacation to remember ever after. Let us take you on a getaway spent among your favourite stars…

any sporting event

Are you tired of watching your favourite sports-person on television? With us you get to plan your entire vacation around any sporting event.  And hey! we don’t leave out anything; from Ronaldo’s free-kick to Lewis Hamilton’s fastest lap; cricket, football, basketball, baseball, golf, tennis or auto racing; just name it and you are there.

around the globe

Devote a whole trip watching your favourite athletes battling out on the biggest stages across the globe.

the fashion experience

Our fashion experience provides you much more than just VIP access to the best of European, British and American fashion shows. Whether you are looking to go as a couple, with fellow fashion aficionados or colleagues, Mansfield Global can whisk you away to top fashion destinations across the globe.

the perfect gateway

Such high-end entertainment and hospitality is a perfect getaway for the fashion enthusiasts amidst top designers, artists, Haute Couture fashionistas in a heady mix of eccentricity, exuberance, and excellence.

Join us to dive into the alluring world of fashion and experience a grand lifestyle among top fashionistas…

a culinary adventure

For each and every culinary adventure of yours, we present passionately handpicked menus curated by the Master Chefs’, providing you with a WoW experience on your palate.

the finest dining

With us, you can gain access to exclusive culinary experiences featuring the world’s greatest chefs, internationally acclaimed high rated dining and related culinary treats which includes private group dinners.