We all deserve a little wanderlust

“I remember thinking I just want more. This isn’t it. Fame is not the goal. Money is not the goal. To be able to know how to get peace of mind, how to be happy, is something you don’t just stumble across. You’ve got to search for it.”

George Harrison, The Beatles.

At Mansfield, we have reimagined travel.

George Harrison visited India back in the 1960s to learn sitar from Ravi Shankar, but what followed was a journey towards social and personal liberation.

Perhaps it is true that one of the most enjoyable and meaningful aspects of life is to indulge ourselves in stories and be a part of them. They are in their own ways, excerpts of life itself taking myriad shapes and colors, helping us breathe and giving us an escape from the humdrum of life. It opens avenues to witness many of our life-defining moments that we cherish forever.

We, at Mansfield Global, want you to not only get the ticket to escape the mundane but also want you to explore and find yourself.

WoW experiences are our flagship programme which will make your wildest and most glamorous travel dreams come true.  We aspire to provide you with unique, luxurious and once in a lifetime opportunities to explore.

Be it the biggest film festival or the premiere of a global hit movie; VIP access to your favorite music concert or a seat at a prime sporting event; a top-drawer culinary experience from world-renowned chefs at their signature restaurants or an evening with the biggest fashionistas; we have everything covered.

Game of Thrones” is one of the world’s most-watched series. And among the many things that make it so unique are the spectacular locations where it is filmed. For example, events in King’s Landing take place in Croatia, the biggest battles are filmed in Spain, and the far north of this fictional world is actually in Iceland. Would you like to shorten the wait until the next season?

Travel Along...

Travel Along is crafted to offer enthusiastic and passionate travelers an opportunity to manifest the unseen serene nature.  It provides unparalleled access to the planet’s most extraordinary wildlife, landscapes, and cultures as well as the flexibility to adapt to our travelers’ particular interests.

Travel Along...

Travel Along is crafted to offer enthusiastic and passionate travellers an opportunity to manifest the unseen serene nature.  It provides unparalleled access to the planet’s most extraordinary wildlife, landscapes and cultures as well as the flexibility to adapt to our travellers’ particular interests.

The Sunderbans

So, how about witnessing the resplendent Royal Bengal Tiger in all its grandeur in the largest estuarine delta of the world – Sunderbans.

On Diwali, 2013, we arranged an educative trip to Kolkata and Sunderbans for ninth standard students of Walsingham House School, Mumbai. “It was a memorable trip and the students will always cherish the wonderful memories of the trip.” – Dr. Janaki Ananthakrishnan, Principal of Walsingham House School.

Just as we arranged a comfortable and memorable trip for those students, we wish to provide you the opportunity to explore the awe-inspiring destinations in Bengal. So, join us to celebrate the beauty of Bengal, to explore the uncharted, to live and experience the grandeur that this rich culture exhibits.


While in Kolkata, imbibe the rich history of the City of Joy, as coined by the French author Dominique Lapierre and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the city. Get a taste of authentic Bengali festive celebrations and witness the charm and splendour of Goddess Durga, the ostentatious display of traditions and rituals at Bonedi Bari Pujas, or the visual charisma of imperial Calcutta with a stroll down the breathtaking colonial architecture and the heritage sites the city has to offer.

The city which casts a spell on you and enchants you with its glamour and antiquity, the city which is about stories entangled in every corner, be it dingy lanes of the north or contemporary streets of the south; making it indeed, the city with a soul.

Why Choose Us?

We cannot thank Mansfield Global enough for our splendid stay in Kolkata. The arrangements were best suited to our needs and the unexpected rain was efficiently dealt with. All together it was a beautiful experience!

Jam, Traveller

What People Say ?

Organising school excursions is always an enriching experience. Mansfield Global’s personalised travel planner made our trip an unforgettable adventure. The trip to Kolkata and Sunderbans was absolutely comfortable with special attention to personal care and food delicacies. I would like to extend gratitude on behalf of all the students and teachers.

Dr. Mrs. Janaki Ananthakrishnan, Principal, Walsingham House School.

Why Choose Us ?

Our trip to Kolkata was simply wonderful. Great organisation, amazing lineup and lovely audience. More than anything else, the hospitality by Mansfield Global was tremendous. Our team enjoyed to the fullest and we cannot wait to come back. Keep up the holy work! Many Hugs!

Earn Har Even, Guitarist, Urban 5.

What People Say ?

Mansfield Global’s outstanding hospitality shall remain the highlight of our trip. From the airport pickup to hotel check-in, everything was extremely comfortable. The smooth management of the festival was an absolute delight to witness. I wish the entire team loads of success for their future events.

Daniel Lottersberger, Traveller